EVGA Precision X1 2023 Crack + Activation Key Free Download

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EVGA Precision X1 Crack + Activation Key Download

EVGA Precision X1 Crack

EVGA Precision X1 Crack allows you to fine-tune your NVIDIA graphics card, maximizing cooling & performance Free Download on Linux devices. This EVGA Precision X1 Full Crack will let you fine-tune your graphics card including GPU clock offsets, memory clock offsets, fan speed, voltage, etc. This latest version of Precision XOC has been revamped. Takes NVIDIA graphics cards into account and combines all the best of EVGA Precision and EVGA OC Scanner, giving you great overclocking features and built-in auto-tuning. EVGA Precision Crack lets you fully tune your NVIDIA graphics card to maximize cooling and performance.

True enthusiasts know how to choose the number one choice for GeForce overclocking; EVGA precision. EVGA Precision Crack is a software utility that contains the necessary options to help you make adjustments to your Nvidia graphics card to optimize everything, maximize cooling and increase performance. It also has special features for EVGA graphics cards.

Wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface, the app has dedicated options for hardware, OSD, and startup monitoring. Additionally, EVGA Precision X16 Crack offers full support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics cards and EVGA OC ScannerX integration for EVGA Geforce 10 series.

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EVGA Precision Crack has fewer features available for non-EVGA Nvidia graphics cards, and EVGA Precision XOC can adjust voltage and frequency points independently and dynamically. It also has a linear mode for easy one-click overclocking. If you have an EVGA graphics card, the program gives you the ability to take advantage of RGB LED control when dealing with multiple cards, maximize clocks using a K-Boost function, and display an OSD when you play.

It is compatible with games. Unless you are sure of your GPU’s capabilities, you can switch to scan mode to automatically detect the optimal voltage and frequency curve. Overall, this is a product utility with the necessary options to help you make changes to your Nvidia card. Moreover, in the process of upgrading everything, it amplifies the operation of the refrigeration device and elevators.

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On the other hand, it also has great features for EVGA graphics cards. In other words, it has a seamless and instinctive interface, the product has dedicated options for hardware monitoring, OSD, and commissioning. In particular, it offers full support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX cards, as well as the EVGA OC scanner for the EVGA Geforce 10 series. Also, if you have an EVGA card.

EVGA Precision X1 Activation Key

EVGA Precision X1 Crack Download

Additionally, the program gives you the ability to take advantage of RGB LED controllers when managing lots of maps and extends timers with a K-Boost. It instantly provides features such as displaying an OSD (On-Screen Display) when playing games with DirectX 12. Also, all of these features have fewer rights available for non-EVGA Nvidia cards. The first category is VGA, the first panel you see when you launch the application, it allows you to adjust some basic performance-related features such as fan speed, power consumption, GPU temperature, RGB lights and overclock.

Next is the hardware monitor or HWM. From this tab, you can check the system parameters in real-time, using graphs. To see all supported settings, search for all six color profiles. Click on the first to open a list with all aspects that can be monitored. Take advantage of blank profiles to define your following interests, switchable at any time.

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The last two categories, Power and Re-BAR, should not be ignored. Power collects system information about your GPU, CPU, and drives and recommends a power supply for your computer. Re-BAR stands for Resizable Base Address Register, a feature focused on improving communication between your CPU and GPU, which improves overall performance.

The latest version of Precision XOC has been revamped with NVIDIA graphics cards in mind. It combines all the best of EVGA Precision and EVGA OC Scanner, giving you great overclocking features along with built-in auto-tuning.

Main Features

  • The new graphical interface is faster and easier to use.
  • Real-time power monitoring (on compatible EVGA graphics cards).
  • Full support for GeForce RTX and GTX graphics cards.
  • RGB LED control compatible with graphics cards and/or NVLink bridge.
  • Sync LED that syncs with other EVGA RGB components.
  • Dynamically set independent voltage/frequency points for maximum control.
  • New OC scanner to find the best stable overclock.
  • The On Screen Display (OSD) shows your system vitals at a glance.
  • GPU clock, memory clock, and voltage control.
  • Custom fan control and fan curve.
  • Profiling system that allows up to 10 profiles with a keyboard shortcut.
  • In the game screenshot function.
  • + More!

What’s New?

  • Adds support for GeForce RTX 3090 Ti K|NGP|N HYBRID
  • Supports RTX 3090 Ti FTW3 series
  • Resolves issue where OC Scan could not display correct progress on multiple map systems
  • Adds OSD support for Fortnite with Easy Anti-Cheat
  • Fix K|NGP|N download .gif animation crash (more than 256 colors)
  • Fixes the OS version displayed on Windows 11 systems.
  • Extended hardware monitor reads in the system tray
  • Adds a new BIOS update for RTX 3080 Ti XC3 cards to improve performance (available via resizable BAR menu)
  • Update tooltip duration to display for 60 seconds
  • Fix fan control preset mode to be saved after exiting the menu
    Various typos fixed

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System Requirements

  • Supports GeForce RTX, Geforce GTX 16 Series, and GeForce GTX 10 Series graphics cards
  • windows 10 64 bit
  • windows 8 64 bit

How Can It Be Installed or Activated?

  • First, download the latest trial version.
  • Uninstall the old form.
  • And then install the latest version.
  • Add registry keys to the directory.
  • Finally, it’s done.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Enjoy

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